Flora and Fauna

Vegetation in Bhutan is divided into three zones:

1     Alpine Zone (4000m and above)

2   Temperate Zone (2000m to 4000m)

3    Subtropical Zone (150m to 2000m)


The forest in Bhutan are of the following types: blue pine forest, chirpine forest, mixed conifer forest, tropical lowland forest, lowland hardwood forest, upland hardwood forest and broadleaf mixed with conifer.

Due to the wide range in altitude, Bhutan is a biodiversity hotspot with over 70% forest cover, 60% of which are protected nature preserves.

Bhutan has about 300 species of medicinal plants and 48 species of rhododendrons. Some of the common plants found in Bhutan are Orchids, Junipers, Magnolias, Juniper and Daphne

With Bhutan’s conservation efforts, Bhutan is home to a wide range of endangered animals.

Animals such as the takin (the National Animal of Bhutan), blue sheep, the elusive clouded leopard, red panda and the Himalayan Black Bear are some of the many species that dwell in the higher altitudes of Bhutan.

Lower altitude, tropical forest in the south is home to elephants, the one-horned rhinoceros, golden langurs, water buffalos and many other species.  


Royal Manas National Park

Jigme Dorji National Park

Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park

Trumshingla National Park

Torsa Strict Nature Reserve

Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary

Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary

Wangchuck Wildlife Sanctuary



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